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The Seal's Surprise Baby -- Rachel McNeely

The Seal's Surprise Baby

Emma Trace is finally following her dream of leaving small-town Montana to start a new life in the big city of San Diego, California. She didn’t quite expect it to be so hard to find a teaching job, but she’s willing to give it a chance, despite the loneliness she feels surrounded by happy couples. 

SEAL Captain Niall Buchanan has been wary with his heart since losing his wife in childbirth years before. Leaving his daughter with his mother was never supposed to be a permanent solution. When that is no longer an option, he has to come up with a different strategy—hopefully with a little help from a pretty teacher with a wide streak of independence. 

Emma doesn’t know what to make of the handsome SEAL with the sweet little girl in need of mothering. Is he just looking for a child-care solution and an uncomplicated relationship? Or could he truly be willing to surrender to love again?


The Seal's Surprise Mission -- Rachel McNeely

The Seal's Suprise Mission

Vivian Seaborn has come a long way since she was a shy high school girl with an overbearing, social climbing mother in small-town Montana. Then, her only rebellion was her crush on sweet, serious senior Taylor Bartlett. So how’d she find herself on the run from a gang of thugs in the Middle East looking to get their hands on top-secret information that literally fell into her lap?

SEAL sniper Hawke Bartlett can’t believe his eyes when he sees the foreign correspondent his team is dispatched to rescue. Vi is brave, bold and the pretty girl from his youthful fantasies has grown into a raven-haired stunner. He’d be a fool to trust her with his heart after the way she stomped on it before. Besides, she’d never be able to handle the uncertain, stressful life of a SEAL’s wife.

Vi might trust the sexy blond warrior with her life, but her heart? Her mind’s not so sure, but her lonely soul insists he’s a man worth fighting for.


The Seal's Surprise Twin -- Rachel McNeely

The Seal's Surprise Twin

Dr. Anais Kenly and her twin sister Anya are on the run, forced to flee their comfortable lives in North Carolina and go to ground all the way to across the country in California. So why, when it’s so important to stay under the radar, do they keep jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

Chief Petty Officer Kijika “Shadow” Gibson can’t believe his eyes when he sees the news footage of the two pretty women freed from a bank hostage situation. Despite his best efforts, the determined bachelor hasn’t stopped thinking about gentle Anais since meeting the twins during a top secret mission with his SEAL team. And now, here she is again. Of all the luck.

Anais and Anya are used to looking out for each other, but they’re no match for the killer on their trail. When the bullets start flying, Anais knows Shadow is exactly the warrior they need to keep them safe. Even if it means opening her fragile heart to a man determined to keep his safely locked away.


The Seal's Baby Rachel McNeely

The Seal's Surprise Baby

Jackson Langley, better known as Bear, felt like his team was family and he rarely thought of marriage. At least not until he rescued Kayla Townsend in the parking lot outside Ace’s Bar and Grill.

Kayla secretly longed to meet Jackson, but her distrust of men kept her away from him. After he rescues her, she relaxes her guard and they spend one night of passion which leads to more. Kayla’s old fears of distrust returns when Jackson doesn’t call her after their time together. She fears it’s over and then an unexpected pregnancy changes everything.

When Jackson returns and danger stalks Kayla, Jackson will do anything to keep her and their unborn child safe.


Seal's Surprise Bride Rachel McNeely

The Seal's Surprise Bride

State prosecutor Cheryl Buckley has made it her mission to take down bad people, defying death threats and intimidation. Naturally, she leaps at the opportunity to strike another blow against a gang that she already dealt with in court. She refuses to let fear rule her life. She can take care of herself.

SEAL Heath Kenyon is used to dealing with the worst the world has to offer and always coming out on top. A stubborn, intelligent, infuriating woman who won’t accept help when offered is way outside his comfort zone. She makes his blood boil … and not always in anger.
When the death threats become terrifying action, there’s only one thing Cheryl can do — go along with Heath’s crazy plan to save her life. So why does it feel like she’s a moth dancing too close to a flame?


Sandstone's Shostly Secrets - Rachel McNeely

Sandstone's Ghostly Secrets

Jake Andrews and Katie Weber are the only beneficiaries set to inherit the valuable Sandstone Ranch property. But who wants it more? Jake needs the property to further his successful business and plans to tear down the old house. Katie wants the house to remain and is willing to fight for it.

The people of Treehaven believe the old farmhouse is haunted. Katie and Jake have thirty days to discover the truth and print their findings in the local paper to get the inheritance.

Jake doesn’t believe in ghosts, but since Katie’s first visit to the old farm house, she’s been convinced that not only does a ghost reside there, but it also doesn’t want company.

Together they battle the growing attraction between them, a not so friendly ghost, and the hidden secrets that will expose an enduring love story and a person willing to kill to keep the secrets of Sandstone hidden forever.


The Dukes Blind Temptation -- Rachel McNeely

The Duke's Blind Temptation

Raeford Kenton, Earl of Leyland and heir to his father's title of Duke, has haunting dreams of what happened the day he lost his sight---and of Ellie's tempting offer to be his lover. In spite of his warnings, she has managed to annoy him, fascinate him, and give him a flicker of hope.

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Bewitching the Marquis-- Rachel McNeely

Bewitching the Marquis

Cursed and scarred, Ulric (Wulf) Hamlin, the Marquis of Radford, becomes a recluse after his wife’s death. When he returns to London, after five years, he meets Althea Beckett at his sister’s coming out ball. Used to seeing revulsion in women’s faces, Althea instead touches him and soothes his pain.

Wulf’s family curse causes him to shape shift into a werewolf at each full moon. Althea and her sister have their own hidden powers. Wulf's family strongly encourages him to wed and produce an heir. Althea faces a marriage with a repulsive man she fears.

Wulf and Althea agree to marry for their mutual benefit. Both keep their secrets to themselves. Wulf hopes to hide his family curse from Althea until he finds a cure, but she suspects something is not right. They must face their own demons, find a way to break the curse and trust enough to love.

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The Warrior Suitor -- Rachel mcNeely

The Warrior Suitor -- Historical

No one in Galt Edgerton's family has understood What caused the changes in him since he returned from the war. But when he meets Abigail Chetwey his secrets begin to unravel.

Abigail has her own problems with her father grieving her mother's death and insisting she marry a local Baron, who is suspected of having something to do with his previous wives deaths.

Can Galt and Abigail find their way to loving each other, or will they both go in different directions to resolve their problems.

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His Intriguing Imposter -- Rachel McNeeley

His Intriguing Imposter -- Historical

Damien Aldermann, the Earl of Royston, is requested to visit Lord Norton, Damien's deceased father's best friend, and meet his daughter. Damien is concerned for Lord Norton's mental health. He has been ill and never quit grieving the loss of his wife and small daughter at sea, fifteen years ago.

Damien is certain this woman is an imposter. But, when they meet he is uncomfortably attracted to the black haired, violet eyed beauty. Forcing himself to ignore the strong physical desire, he seeks to uncover her deviousness.

Annabelle has fled her home in Spain to seek out a father she recently discovered existed. She hoped he'd protect her from the man she fears, but he is ill and Damien is determined to prove she's a fraud. She doesn't understand the immediate attraction she feels for Damien. Can she ever trust him enough to share her secret and ask for help?

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The Noble Suitor -- Rachel McNeely

The Noble Suitor -- Historical

Lady Gloriana starts this Season determined to marry the Duke of Farnham. No one else will do. She asks her Grandmama to teach her the duties of a duchess.

The Duke, Ryder Edgerton has decided Gloriana is too young and too inexperienced with the ton to make a good duchess. But when he finds her in the library frightened and shivering from something she overheard, he has to come to her rescue. A trip to the Duke’s largest estate brings out everyone’s true feelings. Once Ryder proposes, a secret regarding Gloriana is exposed. Will it threaten their new found happiness.

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The Earl's Undaunted Bride -- Rachel McNeely

The Earl's Undauted Bride -- Lords of Realm, Book II

This book was previously published as The Earl’s Enigma

Government spy Franklin Gates returns home to claim his estate and send his step-mother, the person who knows his terrible secret, to one of his other properties.

Mary Ann Steeples, the one woman he can’t forget, is determined to win Franklin's heart. She has passed up many proposals waiting for him. Now that Franklin has returned, he still resists the attraction that flared between them when her twin sister and his best friend courted.

Franklin must discover the truth about his past before contemplating any marriage. Unfortunately, the person who knows the truth is a woman he never wanted to see again.

Even as his desire for Mary Ann increases, Franklin is certain she is not the wife he needs. He fears she is too much like the step-mother he hates. But Mary Ann will go to any length to show him he's wrong, even if she endangers her life.

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The Duke's Unexpected Bride Rachel McNeely

The Duke's Unexpected Bride -- Lords of Realm, Book I

This book was previously published as: The Duke’s Dilemma.

After losing her fiancé in a war, Helena Steeples vowed never to wed. But when her twin, Mary Ann, refuses the Duke of Monteroy, Nicholas Selwyn’s proposal, Helena finds herself attracted to him.

Nicholas knows Helena, the shy twin, does not meet his initial criteria for a wife, but she fascinates him. With both families' support, the duke pursues Helena and she signs a contractual agreement to marry him.

Shortly before their wedding, her former fiancé, believed dead, returns, postponing the nuptials. Helena notices changes in her former beau, while the duke suspects he's the traitor they've long hunted.

Helena finds herself in the middle of an attempted murder, treason, and a former fiancé who wants to hold her to their earlier obligation. He knows Helena's secret and can destroy her reputation and ruin her wedding plans to Nicholas.

Once the secrets are revealed, will Helena marry the duke or her former fiancé?

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The American Suitor -- Rachel McNeely

The American Suitor -- Historical

Victoria Labrook, the eldest daughter of the Earl of Anscom, has always been a bit quirky with regard to her interests and talents. Now she’s ready to reveal her jewelry designs to the public and will use an alias.

Jackson Wainsworth, an American visiting distant relatives in London, has an agenda to find an English bride and take her home.

When the two bump into each other at the jewelry store entrance, Jackson catches a glimpse of her sketches. Later, Victoria fears he’s learned her secret and agrees to help him find a wife.

However, each time they are together, Jackson discovers Victoria more and more intriguing, although she meets none of his initial requirements for a bride.

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The Rogue Suitor

The Rogue Suitor -- Historical

Charlotte Labrook, third daughter of the Earl of Anscom, has always been the prim, proper one in her family. Going into her third Season, she’s eager to let her hair down – or cut it daringly short.

Huxley Egerton, one of the Duke of Farnham’s wild brothers, soon finds himself playing reluctant knight to a very incautious lady.

When the plot of a jealous rival threatens Charlotte’s reputation, Hux is gentleman enough to do the honorable thing. But she insists she will only marry for love.

What’s a roguish lord to do? Abduct the lady, of course, and seduce her into compliance.
But Charlotte is made of sterner stuff.

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The Persistent Suitor -- Rachel McNeely

The Persistent Suitor -- Historical

Juliana Labrook, second daughter of the Earl of Anscom, is no one’s idea of a proper lady. She’s ramshackle, always says what she thinks and prefers riding and fishing over sewing and social graces.

Grayson Lyall, Marquis of Carraway, is Society’s ideal of a perfect gentleman. He’s handsome, wealthy and considered a war hero by everyone but himself.

A gentleman, that is, until he sets eyes on the intriguingly different Lady Juliana, emotionally jilted and humiliated and under pressure to change everything about herself.

For her, he is quite willing to play the hero to a reluctant damsel in distress. But nothing is ever easy with Lady Juliana. It will take persistence.

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